Fish Cracker

Enter the world of entertainment with fresh and crispy fish-shaped crackers made of wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm and coconut), salt, sugar, barley malt, enriched with the aroma of margarine.

Ring Cracker

Irresistibly delicious ring crackers, perfect for any occasion, prepared with wheat flour, vegetable oil, sesame, sugar, salt.

Pretzel Cracker

Ideal taste, baked with low fat content. Made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt and sea salt, cumin.

Party Mix Cracker

A mix of four types of snacks for every taste. A real treat made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, sea salt and salt, sesame, sugar.

Pizza Cracker

Pizza Cracker - sounds super delicious and irresistible. A faithful friend at every party and pleasure made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, poppy seeds, oregano, pizza aroma, salt, sugar.

Buzz Cracker

A great snack for you and your loved ones. Enter the world of real fun with buz crackers made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, butter flavor, whey powder, egg powder and salt.