Cracker - Jar

Fish Cracker - jar

Fresh and crispy, enriched with the aroma of margarine, made from wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm and coconut), salt, sugar, barley malt.

Pizza Cracker - jar

Pizza Cracker, ideal for those with a refined taste for quality and restless spirit, who are constantly looking for new flavors that win at the first bite. Enriched with aroma of pizza, poppy seeds and oregano, made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, barley malt.

Pretzel Cracker - jar

Fresh, crispy, delicious ... there is simply no one who does not like pretzels. Prepared by the diligent hands of our masters, wheat flour, vegetable oil, barley malt, salt, sugar and pretzels are still considered one of the most popular snacks.