Bruschetta Pizza

For those who know how to have fun and enjoy themselves, bruschettas with pizza flavor are a real treat. Consisting of wheat flour, sunflower oil, seasoned with pizza flavor, oregano, garlic powder, paprika extract, salt, corn starch, salt, sugar.

Bruschetta tomato and olives

Delicious bruschettas with tomatoes and olives as a starter and an opportunity to meet friends! Treat yourself to a delicacy made with wheat flour, sunflower oil, tomato and olive flavored spices, margarine (vegetable oils), oregano and salt.

Bruschetta spinach and cheese

Surprise your loved ones with crispy and always fresh bruschettas with spinach and cheese. A real pleasure for the real tasters of a good appetizer, consisting of wheat flour, sunflower oil, dried spinach, cheese powder, garlic powder, salt, sugar.