Assortment of the brand Armonia is made of crispy crackers and salted pretzels following the latest world technology with balanced nutritional values. Made by a proven recipe, Armonia snacks will take you to a different world – a world full of fun.To make a product that will have its soul, character, a product that will create new worlds and new friendships is our greatest satisfaction. This world filled with fun, opening new opportunities, enjoyment for everyone and everywhere is the world of Armonia.

Our products - Your pleasure and enjoyment

The products are manufactured with extreme precision and passion by the family business, which is totally dedicated to creating simple, friendly products that stand out from all other industry standard products. The entire production process complies with the QMS standards HACCP, HALAL and ISO9001: 2008. All raw materials and finished products are regularly checked in authorized quality control laboratories.

Delicious salty snacks that melt in your mouth. Great in combination with cold beer and good company. Their only disadvantage is that they can disappear before they are served.

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With Armonia fun is always guaranteed. Pleasure and enjoyment at every moment and for all generations in another world - a world full of fun.

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The perfect bruschettas are thin and crunchy, smell of olive oil with the most delicious flavors like pizza, tomato and olives, spinach and cheese and are made by Armonia.  

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Makprogres Doo is a successful international company in the Eastern part of Macedonia. From a small family business founded in 1990, Makprogres has developed into one of the largest food companies in the Balkans with over 750 employees and exports to more than 55 countries worldwide. Makprogres is an industrial group with strong social responsibility. In order to contribute to the sustainability of social development, the company actively works with the local community, employees and society to create a better life for all.